World Class.
Locally Rooted.
Mission Driven.
Veteran Minded.

The West LA Veterans Collective (“Team”) is a world class, locally-rooted, and mission-driven team with a deep history of Veteran-specific development and service provision. In fact two of the three Members of the Veterans Collective are led by U.S. Military Veterans—Ron Griffith, President & CEO of Century Housing (recipient of the Combat Infantry Badge and Purple Heart), and Steven Peck, President of U.S.VETS (recipient of the Navy Commendation Medal).

Century Housing Corporation (“Century”) has more than 20 years of experience developing homes for Veterans in a master planned campus setting in Los Angeles County at the Villages at Cabrillo. On any given night, Century Houses more than 1,500 residents including more than 625 Veterans at the 27-acre community. Century is headquartered 7 miles from North Campus of the West LA VA.

U.S.VETS is the Nation’s largest provider of comprehensive services to Veterans. Operating in five states and headquartered in Los Angeles, U.S.VETS provides housing and supportive services to more than 5,500 Veterans each night and has a 25 year history of collaborating with Century Housing at the Villages at Cabrillo and beyond.

Thomas Safran & Associates (“TSA”) has a 40 year history developing more than 5,500 affordable homes of the highest quality. TSA is headquartered in Brentwood, ½ mile from North Campus, and is deeply entrenched in West LA civic life. Over the past two decades, Century has financed 14 of TSA’s developments representing more than 1,225 units of affordable housing.

Our Goals: In keeping with the spirit of the original 1888 conveyance and the vision of the Draft Master Plan, we are eager to begin work on creating a vibrant, cohesive, and supportive housing community for homeless and at-risk Veterans and their families on the North Campus of the West LA VA, and to immediately begin development activities for Building 207.

Further, building on a long history of collaboration and collective impact, we are genuinely committed to collaborating with VA staff and local stakeholders to optimise the use of the site, and to aggressively combat the daunting crisis facing more than 3,900 homeless Veterans in Los Angeles County. To this end, we are proud to have secured more than 20 letters of reference, support and validation from critical stakeholders in support of our Team’s efforts.